St Mary MacKillop College is a DOBCEL school. The Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Limited (DOBCEL) is a company limited by guarantee to manage and operate Catholic schools in the Diocese of Ballarat.

For your convenience, we have a link to the DOBCEL website so that families can readily access policies and documents published on that site:


View school policies via the links below:

Assurance & Risk

Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy [DOBCEL]



Annual Report to the Community 2022

Communications Policy [DOBCEL]

Democratic Principles Statement [SMMC]

Privacy Policy [SMMC]

School Vision & Mission [SMMC]

School Complaints Handling Policy [SMMC]



Enrolment Policy (including Enrolment Form and Parent Agreement
Form) [DOBCEL]

Family Fee Assistance Scheme [DOBCEL]


Child Safety

Student Friendly Child Safety Information Sheet [SMMC]

Child Safe Governance Policy [DOBCEL]

Child Safety Commitment Statement [CECV]

Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy [SMMC]

Duty of Care Policy [SMMC]

PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse – Reporting Obligations
Procedure [DOBCEL]

PROTECT Reportable Conduct Scheme Policy [DOBCEL]

Safeguarding Children & Young People Code of Conduct [SMMC]

School Visitor Policy and Procedure [SMMC]


Quality Education

Attendance Policy [DOBCEL]


Information Technology

Digital Technologies Policy & Procedure (including Acceptable Use and Cyber
Safety Agreement [SMMC]


Student Care, Safety & Wellbeing

Anaphylaxis Management Policy [DOBCEL]

Asthma Management Policy and Procedure [DOBCEL]

Behaviour Management Policy & Procedure [DOBCEL]

Bullying Prevention (including Cyberbullying) Policy and Procedure [SMMC]

Excursions, Camps and Travel Policy and Procedures [SMMC]

First Aid & Infection Control Policy [DOBCEL]

Student Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures [SMMC]

Student Care and Health Policy (First Aid) [DOBCEL]

Supervision of Students Policy [DOBCEL]

Suspension, Negotiated Transfers and Expulsions Policy & Procedure [DOBCEL]

Creating pathways for students in Year 10, 11 and 12

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Offering 24 Authority subjects and 19 Certificate courses.

St Mary MacKillop College is a Year 7 to 12 coeducational Catholic secondary school. Since its inception in 1985 the College has expanded and now caters for 500 students.

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New Teachers

February 5, 2024

We are thrilled to offer a warm welcome to Jimmy and Fiona McGovern, and their three children James, Conor, and Sarah, to the St Mary MacKillop College Community. In the true spirit of Irish adventurers, Jimmy and Fiona have travelled from Portmarnock Community School, Dublin North, to join us. We hope that their time with …

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