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A Guide for Parents/Guardians & Caregivers

Annual Report to the Community 2020

Bushfire Preparedness

CECV Child Safety Commitment Statement

Student Child Safety Policy

DOBCEL Anaphylaxis Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Assessment and Reporting Policy

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Attendance Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Duty of Care Policy

DOBCEL Duty of Care Statement

DOBCEL Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy

DOBCEL First Aid Infection Control Procedures

DOBCEL Learning and Teaching Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Consultation, Roles and Responsibilities Guide

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference

DOBCEL Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

DOBCEL Risk Management Framework

DOBCEL Risk Management Policy

DOBCEL School Financial Oversight Policy, Procedures and Appendices

DOBCEL School Child Safety Officer Role Description

DOBCEL Safeguarding Children and Young People – Code of Conduct

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Procedures

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Information for Parents

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Volunteer Information

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion of Students Policy

DOBCEL PROTECT_ Reporting and Responding Obligations Policy

DOBCEL PROTECT_ Identifying and responding to Student Sexual Offending 

SMMC PROTECT: Reporting and Responding Obligations Procedure for Schools

SMMC Child Safety Policy

SMMC Communication Policy

Collection Notice Policy

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Form Explanatory Statement & Agreement

Mandatory Reporting Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy

Safe School Policy

Statement of Democratic Principles

Vision & Mission Statement

Creating pathways for students in Year 10, 11 and 12

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Offering 24 Authority subjects and 19 Certificate courses.

St Mary MacKillop College is a Year 7 to 12 coeducational Catholic secondary school. Since its inception in 1985 the College has expanded and now caters for 430 students.

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School Production – Little Shop of Horrors

July 29, 2021

The School Production has been postponed due to COVID-19. This year’s production is Little Shop of Horrors. Seymour Krelborn is a meek and dejected assistant at a floral shop who happens upon a strange plant, which he affectionately names “Audrey II”, after a girl who he adores.  New showtime details are as follows: Wednesday 15th September …

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