Mr Matthew Curran:
Dr Andrew Watson:
Fr Matthew Thomas:

Mrs Michelle Haeusler:
Ms Emma Webb:
Ms Catherine Smith:
Mrs Tamara Grey:
Ms Peter Mullan:
Mrs Christine Connellan:
Mrs Jacky Storer:

Chairperson/ Parent Representative
CEO Ballarat Representative
Canonical Adminstrator and Parish Priest
Staff Representative
Parent Representative
Parent Representative
Parent Representative
Parent Representative


1. Support the Ministry Functions of schools

Assisting with:

  • Promotion of the school’s Catholic ethos and culture
  • Articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission
  • Promotion of faith development
  • Strengthening links between parish and school

2. Provide a Stewardship Role of the school

Assisting with:

  • Present and future capital resource planning and maintenance
  • Disseminating information about the school-events/directions
  • Long-term viability of the school: enrolments / resources / master planning
  • Appointment of principal and staff where necessary

3. Provide advice and support to the Canonical Administrator and Principal

Assisting with:

  • Development, implementation and ratification of policy, as required
  • Support of and communication on school and Parish matters
  • Advice, as required, on issues arising such as from the School Development
  • lan, innovations and enrolment trends

4. Provide Financial Oversight of the school

  • Implementation of Diocesan policies such as School Fee Collection
  • Sighting the annual budget and its progressive implementation
  • Monitoring significant changes to school budgets and cash flow requirements
  • Monitoring capital borrowings and development

School Advisory Council Guidelines

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Creating pathways for students in Year 10, 11 and 12

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Offering 24 Authority subjects and 19 Certificate courses.

St Mary MacKillop College is a Year 7 to 12 coeducational Catholic secondary school. Since its inception in 1985 the College has expanded and now caters for 430 students.

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