Year 12 Formal

Our Year 12 formal was held on Friday 3rd May. It was a very successful night with all Year 12 students looking amazing in their suits and dresses.

Photos were taken at the start of the night before we were taken back to our early childhood with party games courtesy of Mrs Haley. Everyone brought their A-game to Bobs and Statues, knowing there was printer balance and $20 up for grabs. Charli defeated Meg in the final round and was generously rewarded.

Throughout the night we also played Pass the Parcel and Limbo. Some proved to be much more flexible than others!! Tahlia and Michael showed us that size doesn’t matter, when they both tied as the Limbo champs.

The dance competition was perhaps the highlight of the night (aside from the pizza). Gabby and Emma’s creative and entertaining dance moves seemed rehearsed, so much so that were unmatched by any other competitors. They both received Logies for their efforts.

The last element of the night was to award Best Dressed Male and Female and crown King and Queen. Jemma and Fraser won Best Dressed, Fraser took the award cool and calm while Jemma accepted hers gratefully. Max was crowned King, we couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he put the crown on his head, relieved that his dancing skills were rewarded. Charli was more than happy when she was crowned Queen of the night.

Thank you to all the teachers that supervised the night, to Mrs Haley for helping the school captains plan the formal, and to all the Year 12’s that supported us and made the night an enjoyable one.