Welcome to the 2020 school year

We look forward to welcoming our new and returning students to the 2020 school year. Our College theme for 2020 is based on our college value of Compassion, supported by the St. Mary MacKillop quote “Be of good heart” (12 March 1876).

We will also welcome the following staff:

Mr Nathan Lane – Mr Lane has taken up the new position of Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning (previously Director of Teaching and Learning).  Mr Lane will also teach Year 9 & 10 Japanese, Year 9 & 10 Geography and Year 10 History.

Mrs Sheelagh Leary – Mrs Leary has taken up the position of English as an Alternative Language (EAL) Coordinator.  Mrs Leary will also teach Year 7 and 10 Religious Education.

Mr Mark Leary – Mr Leary will teach Year 10 and 11 English, Year 12 VCAL Literacy and Year 8 and 9 Physical Education.

Dr Gibson Jim – Dr Jim will teach Year 12 Physics, Year 11 Chemistry, Year 10 Science and Year 8 Mathematics.

Mrs Francesca Gomez – Mrs Gomez will teach Year 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics.

Miss Ebony Dalton – Miss Dalton will teach Year 8 Religious Education and Year 7 and 8 English.

Mr Jesse McDonald – Mr McDonald will teach Year 7 and 8 Humanities and Year 9 Religious Education.

Mrs Tonya Taylor – Mrs Taylor will be replacing Mrs Gemma Harrower for Term 1 and will be teaching Year 7 and 8 Science.

Mrs Kim Mai – Kim will join our Learning Support team, working with students at Year 7.